We are so excited about our House Point Program!

SPIRIT WEEK – August 27-August 31

Students can wear their house colors for spirit week next week. Every student has already been assigned a house and knows the color of the house they belong to. So all week students may wear their house color and earn points each day for their house.
** Remember the house with the most points at the end of the month earn a House Party!!!

Aquila- Blue
Columba- Burgundy/Red/Maroon (School Uniforms do not count towards points)
Ursa – Green
Leo- Purple

** Student can wear jeans if they wear a shirt with their house colors**

**Spirit week attire must adhere to school dress code. ***

What are House Points? We are implementing a new behavior incentive program. Students were randomly assigned houses. Based on good and above and beyond behavior, students will be awarded points to their ‘house’. The house awarded the most points at the end of each month will have a party to celebrate. We are focused on positive actions and want to promote responsibility and citizenship through this program.

Go Tigers!

  • To download a high quality picture of each house seal please click HERE