Drop-Off and Pick-Up Operation

  • When traffic backs up within the parking lot, we will move the cones temporarily at station 1 to pull more cars from Rosemeade and prevent blocking Rosemeade and Old Denton intersection
  • Vehicles should ordinarily enter at Rosemeade traffic light in front of our building. We will move the cones at the entrance in front of the building to allow early turn in at station 2 whenever traffic allows us to do so safely.
  • We are making a safe crossing at the back of our building at station 3 where students who walk to school are using the driveway in the back to get to class. We will not stop traffic flow there and only allow students to cross when traffic stops periodically.
  • We are controlling a crosswalk and traffic flow at station 4 by stopping one lane at a time to allow drivers to get in the proper lane to either exit campus (express line) or get in the K-5 drop offline
  • We are controlling a crosswalk at station 5 to direct cars to the appropriate lane for drop off and also to direct pedestrians to the crosswalk for safety.

You can find the traffic flow map Here.

Thank you!