Our student re-enrollment period began December 1st 2017 and will end, January 12th, 2017. You will need to complete our re-enrollment form that has been sent home with your son/daughter, you must turn it in during this time frame in order for your student to attend HSA next school year. Without this, your student will have to re-apply for a spot to attend HSA all over again. This year, you will also be required to turn in a current proof of residency with your re-enrollment form. No PO Boxes will be accepted! Some have turned in the re-enrollment form, but not a proof of residency. All proof must be dated with a date no more than 6o days old prior to December 1, 2017.

Examples of acceptable proof of residencies:
· A recently paid rent receipt.
· A current lease or mortgage agreement.
· The most recent tax receipt indicating home ownership.
· A current utility bill indicating the address and name of the residence occupiers.
· Mailing address of the residence occupiers listed on Skyward database.
· Cable bill or insurance billing statement with a date.
· Date on bill must be no more than 60 days old.

Examples of non-acceptable proof of residencies:
· P.O. Box cannot be listed as an address.
· A copy of the front of an envelope.
· Health & Human services eligibility letter.
· Past due or renewal notices for utilities or magazine offers.
· Doctor bill statements.
· No junk mail.
· Bank or Credit card statements.
· Car insurance card (unless a dated billing statement) or registration notice.

Please note that this is a general notification and if you have already completed re-enrollment you can disregard this message.

Thank You!